Boost Job Readiness with Hands-On Learning Webinar Takeaways

Learn how Majesco took on high employee turnover, an ineffective training program and a need to accelerate time to competency by shifting to performance-driven skill development. 

Fact: The World is Moving Faster Than We Can Keep Up

In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape where 90% of organizations confess that their learning doesn’t demonstrate skill proficiency – skill validation and hands-on learning become instrumental. Majesco, a global powerhouse in cloud insurance software solutions, transformed their learning paradigm by adopting a performance-driven skill development strategy.

Majesco's Learning Journey

For Majesco, growth was the catalyst for transforming their learning journey. There was a large demand to ramp 1,600+ employees and they needed an easier and more cost-effective way to do that.  Traditionally, they were leveraging sandboxes, which was not only time-consuming to maintain, but very costly. 

With Skillable, they were up and running with labs in less than four months. Today, new labs are now in the hands of team members and there’s been an uptick in time spent on training. This has given learners more confidence and the validation that they know they are truly learning the skills to perform their jobs. The team can now focus their time on high-value tasks and other priorities. 

“Skillable has really been our partner and the avenue for us to get that 'let me try portion' of our education approach up and running."
Jennifer Messersmith
CLO, Majesco

Decoding the Success Matrix

The success of this collaboration is rooted in Skillable’s ability to revolutionize the learning experience. Before Skillable came into the picture, Majesco relied entirely on VDI machines for hands-on experience. With this training, they encountered several challenging issues that weren’t easy to manage. For example, VDI downtime and troubleshooting posed significant hurdles.

Skillable provided a comprehensive solution to address all of these issues.

The findings highlighted above shed light on how other organizations can replicate Majesco’s success by incorporating similar methodologies in their training programs. Here are three key takeaways from the discussion. 

1. Incorporating Hands-On Learning Experiences

This approach fosters a learning environment where knowledge is gained through active participation and application. The discussions highlighted designing a curriculum that extends beyond traditional theory-based learning and promotes in-depth understanding through hands-on experience which enables better retention than historical modes of training.

2. Transitioning to Outcome-Based Learning Metrics

By shifting from completion-based training metrics to outcome-based evaluation, organizations can better measure learners’ proficiency and understanding. It also enables better retention than historical modes of training.

3. Training Programs with Improving Scalability

New employees, customers and partners can access updated hands-on training immediately and do not have to wait for the next instructor-led training. This shift embeds an evidence-driven approach to learning, which reduces ramp-up time for new employees to be productive.

The journey doesn't end here

Majesco’s journey with Skillable represents a paradigm shift in the realm of employee training despite initial challenges. As Majesco continues to revamp its training programs and explores strategies for customer and SI partner training, the collaboration with Skillable stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in learning and development.

This isn’t merely a collaboration; it’s a strategic alliance aimed at reshaping the learning journey, with a focus on innovation, scalability and sustained excellence.

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