Hyland Software: Providing better learning experiences at scale.

Four examples of how Hyland created enhanced learning environments.

New opportunities and challenges surface every day, making team agility and having a reliable partner paramount.

Here are highlights of how Skillable and Hyland tackled challenges together in the pursuit of providing better learning experiences for Instructors, employees, customers and partners alike:

Reduced the strains on Hyland operations teams when managing last-minute enrollees, especially in conference and in-person settings.

Reduced the strains on Hyland operations teams when managing last-minute enrollees, especially in conference and in-person settings.

Challenge: Operations and IS teams had
to scramble to build and spin up additional Virtual Machines (VMs) for last-minute learner registrations at conferences and in-person classes.

Solution: Skillable’s platform enabled Hyland to create training keys that Instructors can distribute to grant immediate access to labs. This removes the time-sensitive burden and strain on multiple teams.

Enhanced Instructor efficacy by providing virtual over-the-shoulder learning capabilities and enabling more class preparation time.

Challenge: Instructors were limited in the support they could provide learners during virtual lab exercises.

Solution: Skillable provided Hyland access to our own learning management system, Skillable TMS, which equips Instructors with more personalized learning experiences and faster support. The “over-the-shoulder” monitoring capability provides Instructors with a dashboard of all student labs and enables them to jump into a specific learner’s lab for valuable one-on-one teaching moments.

Enhanced Self-Paced Course offerings and customer learning experiences by allowing learners to save their lab work and progress.

Challenge: Customers of Hyland’s 30-day Self-Paced Courses were requesting the ability to save their lab progress, so they didn’t have to restart the lab from scratch each time. Additionally, users in different regions were suffering some latency and other performance issues.

Solution: Hyland took advantage of Skillable’s TMS and API to streamline how learners spin up a lab within a Self-Paced Course. Learners also have the ability to save their lab activity as they progress through an on-demand course.

The access to additional datacenters meant that regardless of geographic region, learners experienced faster loading and higher performing labs.

Reduced the friction of managing numerous VMs which resulted in Hyland’s ability to maintain training for multiple versions of its software.

Challenge: When SaaS organizations rapidly release features, they are faced with the time-consuming challenge of maintaining training materials, like Hyland’s Hands-On Labs which depend on the correct configurations to ensure optimal performance.

Because of this, Hyland used to only provide training on the latest version of software even though multiple versions were in market.

Solution: Skillable’s Lab Profiles enable customers to easily save lab configurations for multiple versions. Lab authors and lab developers can easily save lab configurations as templates so they (or whoever has access) can easily create new VMs for any version with the exact same configurations, preserving performance and quality.

Hyland Software’s experience-driven program earned three Brandon Hall Group awards in 2023.

  • “Best Advance in Education Delivered Through Technology” – Silver
  • “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training” – Bronze
  • “Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom or Conferencing Technology” – Bronze

Learn more about how Hyland uses robust hands-on learning experiences to meet one of its fundamental business goals.

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Hyland Software: Providing better learning experiences at scale.

Learn how Hyland is scaling hands-on learning experiences and lab environments for Instructors, employees, customer...

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