How Majesco’s new experiential learning approach saved them $300K each year and accelerates job readiness

Unprecedented growth, numerous acquisitions and the pivot to remote work gave Majesco the opportunity to re-evaluate their traditional Instructor-led and sandbox-based training program.

But the question remained…
How do you build an agile training program that meets the needs of today’s workforce, validates skills at scale and doesn’t put more work on your team? That’s what Majesco had to figure out.
  • Difficult to validate that the users of their software products (employees, customers and partners) could correctly apply what they’ve learned in training to real-world scenarios to prove job readiness.
  • Sandbox environments required an unsustainable amount of time, money and resources to support and maintain.
  • Reduce the reliance on subject matter experts.
  • Created an experience-driven training program that develops and validates the skills and job readiness of learners at scale.
  • Leveraged Skillable’s experiential learning platform to quickly develop new hands-on training content, integrate learning experiences into the flow of work and create live environments for real practice, skill validation and Performance Testing.
  • $300k annual opportunity cost savings.
  • Launched new program in only four months.
  • Decrease in configuration issues and time to configuration.
  • Improved learner satisfaction scores.
  • 30+ labs, including scored exams to validate job readiness at scale.
  • Better IT and L&D resource allocation.
  • View other program successes.
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Company overview.

Majesco is the partner that property and casualty (P&C) and life, annuity and health (L&AH) insurers choose as the catalyst for their digital transformation journey. Their powerful cloud-based platform bridges the gap between a traditional insurance industry mindset and a pure digital approach. Majesco’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is why they’re ranked the #1 leader in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix for P&C Core Insurance and Life Insurance Policy Administration System.

Challenge and opportunity.

Since 2020, Majesco acquired multiple organizations and expanded their product base. “We had to ramp up and deploy a large chunk of our organization to work, but our existing learning modalities simply couldn’t keep pace and we were finding our people were not actually ready for certain parts of their roles.”

This lower productivity and quality of work cost Majesco time and money while also impacting people’s confidence to do their jobs.

Historically, Majesco’s learning programs were heavily focused on ILT and self-paced video training. However, it wasn’t hitting the mark for job readiness. After completion, some learners were still not able to complete basic, fundamental tasks required for their role, which caused challenges for staffing projects without impacting productivity and additional workloads for subject matter experts (SMEs) since employees turned to them to complete work.

We had to ramp up and deploy a large chunk of our organization to work, but our existing learning modalities simply couldn’t keep pace and we were finding our people were not actually ready for certain parts of their roles.
Jennifer Messersmith
Chief Learning Officer, Majesco
That’s when Majesco first introduced an experiential training element via sandbox environments to help bridge the gap between learning and work.

Challenges with their existing sandbox environment.


Cloud consumption, management and ongoing VDI allocation monitoring.

Frequent downtime and troubleshooting consumed L&D and IT resources.

Constantly creating and deleting VDI instances.
Limited accessibility

Learners had to wait for sandbox availability and could only use them for fixed periods of time.
Security risks

Maintaining patched VDIs, monitoring endpoint devices and restricting access to data required oversight from both the L&D and IT.

Calculating the opportunity costs.

After Majesco calculated the training opportunity costs of their tech teams redirecting time and their students delaying assignments, it became abundantly clear that continuing with this solution was a $300k problem that was only growing and unsustainable.

Some of their cost categories included:

  • Sandbox environment set up
  • Development studio set-up and management
  • Sandbox and studio troubleshooting
  • Learner downtime (e.g., delay in learners able to complete training)

Even more complexity was added when COVID-19 and The Great Resignation hit. Majesco had to stop their in-person training and immediately pivot to remote learning.

“We needed to mobilize a new learning strategy that allowed us to upskill our resources making them job ready and productive as quickly as possible,” Jennifer said.

Solution: Upgrade unstructured sandboxes to virtual labs with skill validation.

Majesco’s new learning model is based on the “3 Es: Education, Experience and Exposure.”

In practice, this looks like 10% focused on learning, 20% on assignments and 70% on validated, hands-on experiences. Their new education architecture of “Teach me, Show me, Let me try, Test me” advanced them from knowledge-based training and completion metrics to true skill development through experiential learning and practice.

Majesco we wanted to add quality, hands-on learning experiences that could rapidly build and validate job readiness.


Teach me
Show me
Let me try

Test me (part of the 70%)
Implemented a new learning management system (LMS)
to provide a centralized learning hub.
Created training sessions where learners could watch SMEs perform the work/skills they just learned.Replaced their 40+ high-maintenance sandbox instances with Skillable’s scalable, hands-on learning experiences.Integrated skill validation and low-stakes Performance Testing (PBT) into eLearning.
Redesigned their classes and added micro-learning and self-paced learning to improve training engagement.Incorporated demos into eLearning modules so learners could “see” what they are going to do before jumping into hands-on exercises.Added boot camps with scored labs and proctored assignments for ILT.
Implemented 30- and 60-day assessments for on-the-job evaluations.

How Majesco partnered with Skillable.

In addition to skill validation capabilities, Majesco selected Skillable because:

Majesco launched in only four months.

To meet Majesco’s need to rapidly upskill team members, they engaged Skillable’s Professional Services team to help develop their first training toolkit. It included five 20-minute labs with a scored exam to accompany an established learning program.

In addition to getting in market faster, it also provided a highly tailored onboarding experience for Majesco’s Lab Developers and Trainers to learn best practices from Skillable’s team of expert Instructional Designers and Lab Authors.

Key program wins.

Majesco’s education team built an evidence-based learning program using high-fidelity training environments that capture reliable skill data for more informed learning and business decisions.

Significant cost savings.

Majesco determined their annual spend to set up, maintain and tear down their sandbox environments was $300,000.

“The savings were significant. As we expand Skillable’s platform to other products in our portfolio, there are even greater savings.

Plus, managing sandboxes is not exactly the fun stuff our tech team likes to do, so it was a big win on multiple levels – both cost and employee engagement.”

Automated skill validation.

Before Skillable, Majesco SMEs and Instructors had to manually score learners’ assignments. This required hours of additional SME time and learners had to wait for their results.

With Skillable, Majesco automated the process via scored labs which freed their team to focus on higher value activities and improved the learner experience by providing them with immediate results.

Better resource allocation.

Instead of monitoring and troubleshooting VDI environments, Majesco’s education team is refocused on strategic learning initiatives. Their IT team spends far less time supporting their labs (versus sandboxes). And Majesco’s security team has put VDI security concerns to rest.

“With Skillable maintaining our environment, our teams can refocus on higher priority, more value-added work.”

Improved learner confidence.

After leveraging virtual labs and scenario-based assignments, Majesco’s team is more confident when they’re assigned new projects or roles. “They feel good about what they learned and that they’re equipped to do their jobs.

For example, we leverage labs to teach our developers how to configure our products. We’ve seen fewer defects and a reduction in time to make product configurations on our projects.”

On-demand learning access.

The Skillable lab environment automatically scales and has faster updating and processing times. “Our learners don’t have to wait for an ILT session or VDI availability.

They can start skill-specific, hands-on training the moment they are ready. This accessibility has been incredibly beneficial.”

Pursuing evidence-based job readiness and skill validation.

Majesco’s new training program is being built on scenario-based, real-world practice environments.

This experiential learning approach will produce performance-based evidence and skill data to support who’s correctly upskilled and ready to be on the job.

Successful companies today need to lead with innovation. If you do, you also need to invest in solutions that prepare your workforce to execute on that strategy. Partnering with Skillable rounded out our experiential learning approach and took it to the next level. We’ve already seen success with our program, and I look forward to continuing our journey across more products in Majesco’s portfolio.
Jennifer Messersmith
Chief Learning Officer, Majesco

Read the complete Majesco success story.

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