How Quest Software scaled a performance-based learning program and increased training consumption 244%


How do you reskill and certify more than 1,000 partners, validate that they’re job ready and increase sales velocity in less than 12 months?

That’s what Quest Software, a leading software development company, had to figure out.

Quest Software helps its customers secure and manage their IT environments. Alongside their robust partner network, they support more than 100,000 organizations, including 97% of the Fortune 500. When Quest acquired BinaryTree, a cloud migration company, in 2020 to bolster its product offering, they had to reskill and certify that these 1,000 new partners could implement and support their products.

Mergers and acquisitions are known for navigating the unknown, but the team at Quest found themselves in a perfect storm of circumstances:

Quest Software hands-on virtual labs success story

Create a scalable partner education solution that efficiently supports the development and validation of partner skills around the world.


Leverage Skillable to quickly develop new training content, integrate learning experiences into the flow of work and create live environments for hands-on practice, skill validation and Performance Testing.

  • 244% increase in partner training consumption
  • 183% increase in partner-led sales
  • 85% reduction in certification costs per candidate
  • Freed high-cost resources from manual tasks

If they didn’t train the partners well on the respectively new products, there would be longer sales cycles, potential declines in customer satisfaction (CSAT), higher operating costs and risks to their brand reputation.

To keep business moving, Quest needed to find a scalable technical training and certification solution that could:

Increase sales velocity by reskilling and certifying a large volume of on-the-go professionals across their partner network to effectively sell and implement Quest solutions.

Reduce the risk of potential customer satisfaction issues for both channel partners and Quest due to troubled implementations, which would require Quest to deploy high-cost technical teams to stabilize implementations.

The team responsible for finding the solution was Quest’s Professional Services delivery team led by Joe Tobias, Director of Professional Services, Luke Buckley, Senior Advisor of Technical Training Development, and Andrew Lubchansky, Customer Technical Training Advisor. They were responsible for partner enablement and training, ensuring that their partners were fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to represent, sell and implement Quest solutions.

We had a whole new product set that partners were not familiar with and unfortunately in this situation the parity of technical skills wasn’t transferrable. While the products accomplished similar things, how they worked was different.

They needed time to be hands-on with the tech.
Luke Buckley
Senior Advisor of Technical Training Development

Find out how they built a performance-based training program at scale.

Skillable can help you implement a challenge-centric learning solution that builds your learners’ confidence and validate skills. Click the button below to learn how.

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