Tidy up your lab storage in 3 simple steps.

To learn best practices around organizing virtual lab files and making it easier to make changes, we asked Customer Success Manager Cory Gibson for his tips. 

It’s time to reignite your interest in this task and move it from “I’ll do it later” to “let’s get it started!”

Break it down into three simple tasks.

Step 1: Plan Ahead and Create A Map

Make folders for every series, course or class.

Map it out and create a standard set of rules that current and future files will follow.  

Step 2: Create A Consistent Method 

As your files grow in number, it’s important to stay consistent with your original plan. Communicate this organization strategy with the rest of your team. This creates efficiency and ease of access.

It’s important to note that your file organization strategy may look different from another companies, but as long as everyone on your team is consistent in the storage structure, searching for files in the future will be a breeze. 

Step 3: Stick With It!

When first getting started, the folders may seem pretty empty with everything easy to find. Soon, though, it can turn into hundreds of files to dig through, if you don’t keep up with your plan.

Make a point to organize your files each time a new one is created, or at the very least schedule regular checks to clean it up.

Pictured above is a sample view of organizing your lab files.  

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