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Custom courseware
development services.

Whether you need to outsource courseware development or simply need a little extra help creating an eLearning course, we can provide the right amount of support when you need it.

Our systematic approach is based on adult learning theory and proven methodologies. We rely on creative thinking and experiential learning techniques to bring the learning environment alive, and provide a scalable experience that’s tailored to your learner and your business needs.

We can create content that engages and transforms adult learners.

We offer a talented extension of your team.

Our highly-skilled instructional designers, developers, graphic designers, animators and editors build robust learning assets to support classroom, virtual classroom and self-paced learning, as well as webinars and sales enablement activities.

We use real-world, task-based learning to ensure results.

Our learner-centric approach ensures that students learn not only what they need to know, but also what they need to do. We are experts at incorporating assessments and performance testing to ensure that learners gain the real-world skills they need to be effective.

And we give you an easy-to-use way to track everything.

Leverage our easy-to-use platform to launch, track, report and manage your learners’ experience.

All you need, in one place.

We’re your one-stop learning development shop. We can create wholistic training for any size project. Whether you know what you need or could use some help determining your ideal training program, we’ve got you covered.

Our team will work with you to analyze your business goals and identify audiences and their knowledge and skill levels gaps, then we’ll work with you to design the appropriate program and create the training assets you need.

Provide multilingual lab experiences for your global audience.

Make it easier for people to learn by enabling them to select their native language to read their lab instructions. We support languages such as Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. 

We also support RTL (right-to-left) layouts in our lab client.

“We have developed hundreds of pages of content, classes and materials that have impacted over 1,000 people globally and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise of the Skillable team.”
Enterprise Client

Shorten your path to success.

Skillable can extend your team’s productivity with the talents of our Professional Services team.