Hands-on lab development.

Engage your learners with rich, interactive hands-on labs to help them walk away with tangible experience, knowledge, skills and validation.

Extend the talent of your team with Skillable.

Leverage our expert lab developers’ years of experience to craft effective and engaging learning, assessments and performance testing for your students.

Our exceptional lab developers can build simple or complex labs, optimize labs for peak performance and usability, create assessments or build in performance testing and provide lab maintenance support. We can develop hands-on labs on target software in Windows, Linux and AWS. 
If you already have a course, we can build labs that complement your existing content.

Let's create the tailored, hands-on training environment your learners need.

Our learning platform enables us to create labs with a customized, real-word environment that enables students to use the software they’re training on in scenarios that mimic what they’ll experience on the job.

We provide clear instructions that keep people focused on learning.

Our instructional designers know how to keep learners engaged and focused by providing lab objectives, tailoring tasks to learners’ job roles and including features like personalization and knowledge checks that provide feedback.

We know how to create checks and assessments so learners stay on track.

Incorporate Activity-based Assessments and performance testing to assess and validate learners’ knowledge and skills before, during and after training.

We offer flexible deployment options.

Build labs that run in the cloud or in a virtualized environment. We also have features available to keep your costs manageable and control when labs are available.

Build your team's skills with a Lab Architect Workshop tailored to your needs.

Our team can deliver a scored lab workshop that will provide your team with the knowledge and skills to tackle the development of your own scored labs. Our workshops are delivered virtually by a live instructor who will systematically work through the process of creating scored labs.

“We have developed hundreds of pages of content, classes and materials that have impacted over 1,000 people globally and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise of the Skillable team.”
Enterprise Client
Director of Training

Shorten your path to success.

Skillable can extend your team’s productivity with the talents of our Professional Services team.