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Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, engage attendees of any-sized event with interactive hands-on labs to help them walk away with tangible knowledge.

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We have the
expertise you need to deliver a premium experience.

Our team of learning professionals and technologists can manage all facets of your event, including pre-event planning, creating labs, audience engagement, training and deployment, setup and management and support before and during your event.

We ensure a clean line of communication and tracking to keep your content moving forward, from the early planning stages all the way through to final delivery. Planning includes the assurance that you can successfully launch hundreds or thousands of hands-on labs simultaneously during your event.

We can even create your labs.

Our team can create custom Challenge Labs or scored labs, as well as provide lab templates that your team can modify to suit attendees’ needs. If you have your own labs, we can provide QA services to ensure that content is polished and that your labs are tested, working and ready for your go-live date.

Proven methods to engage your audience.

We can provide gamification and badging opportunities, as well as leaderboard data that brings a competitive edge to your next event.

Our staff has the experience to handle the provisioning and delivery of your technical lab sessions. We ensure that your data is where you need it when you need it and that labs are available where and when needed. We can also help create and track performance testing, surveys and evaluations.

Equip your team to shine in front of your customers.

We’ll educate your team to ensure they produce great content and confidently handle sessions.

Let us handle the setup, management and deployment.

Use our proven logistics framework.

Our experienced event specialists know what can make or break a learning experience. From managing sessions, event pages and rooms, to calculating and securing bandwidth and power outlets, to considering and adjusting for the devices your speakers and attendees will use, we’ve got you covered.

All the support you need.
And then some more.

Along with the core management team, we can provide Technical Learning Guides who work with your event content to ensure attendees stay up-to-speed, get into their learning environment quickly and are able to learn what you need them to learn. We can also help coordinate with subject matter experts if technical issues arise.

Finally, we provide daily metrics to event stakeholders, including students’ lab evaluations to identify opportunities for adjustment and improvement during the event.

"I absolutely love working with this team! The Skillable team has been deploying hands-on labs at our annual events for years, and they turned on a dime to support us as we moved exclusively into a virtual world.

I can always count on them to be extremely methodical in their planning, leaving no stone unturned. I appreciate them so much and look forward to delivering in-person with Skillable again soon!
Enterprise Client
Director of Marketing

Bring hands-on experiences to your events.

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