approaches for
closing skill gaps

Knowledge-based content and check-the-box assessments don't provide enough skill signals to know what your people can actually do.

They want relevance,* skill data tied to capability and safe environments to practice.

Our solution

Our award-winning, high touch and high scale platform offers everything you need for effective, customer-specific job readiness and skill validation.

By providing real, hands-on experiences for employees, customers and partners, you accelerate and reinforce knowledge transfer, prove skill development and boost their (and your) confidence that they’re job ready.

Build and validate skills in
Your Way, for Your Environment.

Skillable has a solution for any hands-on need.

Skill challenge templates

Our turnkey gallery of more than 1,200 templates (and growing!) can be used, modified or customized to help you move quickly in building or validating the skills of your people in key technical domains. Tailored-to-fit performance-based learning is here!


You have ready-to-go access to the most in-demand specialties of today, including:

Our validation capabilities provide:

Custom virtual lab environments

Training people on your own tools or software? Build custom hands-on labs (with or without our help). You can start from our templates or go completely custom.


Develop labs on your product, featuring:

Professional Services expertise

Need a little extra support or have resource limitations? We can help with existing projects or new initiatives.


A team of experts ready to support you in areas such as:

With Skillable, you get validation that peoples’ technical skills are ready for whatever's next through the most accurate measure of skill – performance. Let us help you build skills, create scenario-based practice environments or quickly scale skill validation.

What do skill challenges look like?

In skill challenges, people complete specific tasks they would find in their role, job and organization. You use live, non-production environments so users are practicing with the latest versions compared to simulations or traditional sandboxes.

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Skill challenges are the best type of hands-on learning experiences to accelerate job readiness, capability development and confidence. They provide your organization with evidence-based skill data to assess gaps and validate job readiness.

We’ve delivered more than 35 million labs worldwide over the last 20 years and have learned from leading organizations about what they need from the top hands-on learning experience platform to achieve their goals.

Use cases where hands-on experiences can help drive stronger outcomes.

Skill validation

Lead your skill strategy with evidence-based data instead of inferred skill data, self-reviews and knowledge-based assessments.

Job readiness

Move beyond generic skill development by enabling employees to build skills your way—relevant to your organization and tailored to your environment.

Customer adoption

Deliver faster time to value for customers and increase product adoption with hands-on experiences at live events, during onboarding and more.

Customer training and certification

Create differentiated training offerings or modernize certification programs with outcome-based, hands-on experiences for both learners and candidates. 

Sales and CX enablement

Keep teams up to date on the latest version your product, enable live demos and showcase your solution in action.

Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)

Skillable is trusted by Microsoft as an authorized lab host for their official curriculum training. 

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Accelerate job readiness, capability development and confidence with performance-based learning.


*2023 Skillable IT Professional Survey. n=1,000