Skillable goes beyond training to enable actual skilling through hands-on labs that are built for “learning while doing.” 

Our award-winning, self-service platform offers you everything you need for effective skilling.

Skillable has invested years of research into the best way to deliver hands-on training. With our lab development platform, you can build your scored hands-on labs once and reuse them over and over. 

And when your software changes, simply update your content and put the labs back into your users’ hands so they are always working with the most recent version.

get hands-on with skillable.

Have you seen a hands-on lab in action before? You’re about to! 

The video below shows you how live software intersects with training instructions to create hands-on skilling. 

you've seen it. here's why you need it.

Skillable Studio, our powerful lab development platform, can do anything you’ve dreamed – and plenty more after that – and our customers have seen great success around use cases for skills development, skills validation and sales enablement.

Select the use case that’s of most interest and then let our team show you and your team how Skillable and our innovative technologies can go to work for you.

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Validated Skills Development

Real-world scored labs enable you to validate your learners' skills through hands-on experiences.

Sales enablement

When software changes, your employees need to know what changed and why it matters. Create labs once for ongoing readiness.

marketing & Events

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, interactive hands-on labs help your attendees get inside your product and walk away with tangible knowledge.

Customer Support

Equip your support team with labs that mirror your software versions and custom implementations in order to close tickets faster.

Explore Skillable's skillstack.

Delivering more than 25 million labs worldwide for our customers has given Skillable the perfect opportunity to continuously refine the industry’s most versatile “full stack” lab platform. Here’s why we know you’ll agree:  


Skillable Studio features flexible lab authoring and configuration tools, with the option to create your labs from scratch, get started quickly using our topic-focused template gallery, update existing labs on your own or work with our team to create new labs together.

Built into every lab is our real-time scoring engine that helps you determine if your users are mastering skills or just guessing. And, of course, we enable Activity-based Assessments using multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank, etc.

Our scalable production environment has supported 25 million lab launches, with an average of 20,000 launches daily. We’re also scaled to support more than 40,000 concurrent users so we can handle anything you want to create, from global skilling programs to massive software releases.

We also offer extensive reporting and analytics capabilities to help you harness your new-found data as well as an integrated LMS platform if you need assistance with managing all your skilling plans.

All of this is supported by four datacenters around the world and 24-hour Network Operations and Support teams.


Skillable is the leading innovator in the virtual labs category, with numerous firsts tagged to our talented team. 

  • First to deliver dynamic instructions that directly interact with the learning environment.
  • First to deliver scored labs with knowledge checks, scripted activity-based assessments and performance testing.
  • First to enable shared labs with shared resources that enable multiple users to work cooperatively, competitively, individually or in teams.
  • First to enable Cloud Slice at scale, technology that allows you to carve out a small slice of a cloud vendor’s environment per user in a highly-managed, highly-secure way, driving lower costs, better scale and faster setup while preventing fraud and abuse.
  • First to enable lab environments to automatically perform tasks, such as invoking a web API, sending notifications to students and invoking commands.
  • We also renewed our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, which you can learn more about on our Security page.


Skillable can be configured for any learner audience – customers, partners and employees – enabling you to create specific hands-on labs based on how your software is used for topics such as:

  • DevOps/Cloud Technologies
  • Coding/Software Development
  • Data and Analytics
  • End User Productivity
  • Information/Cyber Security
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Network Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Administration

As you think about what you want to create, keep in mind that you can also tailor it to varying skill levels, delivery modalities and instructional design methods. And if you don’t have those lab author and development skills, we can extend your team with ours.

Skillable also takes into account where your users are located, launching labs from the closest datacenter and the written language they prefer, offering a variety of translations for your instructions and lab elements.


Skillable is different from other lab vendors in that we provide one platform for both skills development and assessment as well as robust API and LTI capabilities to integrate into your existing LMS, CRM, BI and/or learning system.

You also have the ability to embed labs into other applications or services, such as within your LMS or on a web page, and to embed custom assets (such as videos, images, files and web pages) into your labs.


Skillable knows that your time is precious and that your team is busy.

Working directly with lab developers around the world led us to create a template gallery where you can use a pre-configured lab as the basis of your lab, taking the administrative work out of your development time.

Once your base lab environments are created, you have access to intuitive authoring tools to make them shine.

Ease of use continues on to your learners, with 100% web-based delivery through modern web browsers, enabling them to connect and start skilling without having to install software or connect to a VPN.


25 million lab launches tells you that we’re not new to IT skilling.

We are proud to be trusted by industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Skillsoft, CompTIA, EC-Council, Arrow, Veritas, QA and New Horizons, to name just a few.

Skillable’s leadership team has decades of experience in the IT training industry and our company is routinely recognized by industry champions for our work with virtual IT labs and technical skills development.

Ready to make your life easier?

The most common reaction when somebody sees a Skillable demo is “I didn’t know you can do that!” 

Let’s make it happen for you and your team.

A checklist for choosing the best virtual IT lab platform in 2023.

How do you know which virtual lab company is best for your organization? When it comes to designing, developing, delivering then maintaining hands-on labs, there are numerous capabilities to consider (and mistakes to avoid).

As you evaluate potential virtual lab partners, the checklist below will help you start to properly define your requirements, scope, stakeholders, skills and more so you have the right high-level plan to deliver hands-on learning experiences at scale:

 Management and reporting Building and deliveringScaling and flexibility
  • Is there a robust suite of well-documented APIs?
  • What kind of usage data can they produce – and is it accessible via API for use with business intelligence and analytics software?
  • Can they demo a good lab reporting experience on a third-party LMS?
  • If you need an LMS, do they have one?
  • Is there support for all the environments you need (cloud, virtual machines, containers, coding, data science, etc.)?
  • Can their platform automatically score a lab based on the results produced by the learner?
  • Can you self-publish labs you create or must you lean on the partner’s publishing processes?
  • Do they have expertise in instructional design and specifically, challenge-centric learning?
  • Have they delivered labs reliably to every global region you plan to serve?
  • Do they have off-the-shelf labs you can license to accelerate and complement your efforts?
  • Do they have built-in processes that protect you from potential cloud over-billing or security holes?
  • Can they ensure a consistent user experience for all learners?
  • Do they have proven expertise implementing and maintaining LTI integrations?
  • Do they have the engineering expertise to build out highly secure, highly custom and highly available environments?
  • Do they have established partnerships with multiple enterprise customers?