Showcase your product at events & roadshows.

Whether in-person, online or hybrid, interactive hands-on virtual labs help your attendees walk away with tangible knowledge.

Go beyond "show and tell" to "learn while doing."

Differentiate your company and build immediate product excitement by showcasing your product live or providing your prospects the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

You can evolve beyond “show and tell” PowerPoint sessions and glitchy simulations to interactive, hands-on sessions where our infrastructure supports thousands of your attendees during marketing activities, events and conferences. 

Let your product shine in your attendees' hands.

In-person customer events are ideal venues to highlight and launch new technology and new products.

With an exciting launch followed by a hands-on lab, attendees get an immersive experience – made better when surrounded by company employees and their customers.

Make your event vision a reality with hands-on labs supported by Skillable.

Our combination of experience, infrastructure and technical expertise make us the best partner for your in-person, virtual and/or hybrid events.

You start working with our team of learning professionals and technologists months before any event with meticulous pre-event planning and content procurement, creating an infrastructure that will support the events’ technical needs and learning objectives.

If needed, you can take advantage of our ability to create custom scored labs, creating a content catalog suited to the event and its attendees. 

You create the stellar experience. We manage the technical backend. 

Events are stressful. We alleviate stress and worry. In the days leading up to and then through the event, we handle:

  • Coordinating all technical set up and management
  • Covering all logistics from monitoring the platform to reporting on learners’ activities
  • Providing support to event proctors if an issue surfaces
  • Engaging subject matter experts and providing instruction for the best possible experience


Receive post-event intelligence.

After a successful event, we deliver data and insights to help you gauge the success of your event, identify areas of opportunity and recognize excellence. 

Reuse and repurpose event labs.

When you partner with us, your labs are not “one and done.” We can help you take specific event labs and deploy them at other events, marketing activities and/or sales enablement functions.

Skillable can help you create Challenge Labs as an extension to your marketing and event activities. 

The task-based, challenge-centric methodology can be applied to your software, enabling you to create custom-tailored Challenge Labs to assess your learners’ skills development and mastery.

Man learning and practicing in a virtual training lab

Bring hands-on experiences to your events with Skillable.

Management and reportingBuilding and deliveringScaling and flexibility

  • What kind of usage data can they produce – and is it accessible via API for use with business intelligence and analytics software?

  • Can they demo a good lab reporting experience on a third-party LMS?

  • Is there support for all the environments you need (cloud environments, virtual machines, containers, coding, data science, etc.)?

  • Can their platform automatically score a lab based on the results produced by the learner?

  • Do they have expertise in instructional design and specifically, challenge-centric learning?

  • Have they delivered labs reliably to every global region you plan to serve?

  • Can they ensure a consistent user experience for all learners?


  • Do they have proven expertise implementing and maintaining LTI integrations?

  • Do they have custom content teams staffed by instructional designers and lab developers who can help build content if you need it?

  • Do they have teams that know how to write good assessments such as multiple choice and performance testing?

  • Do they have the engineering expertise to build out highly secure, highly custom and highly available environments?

  • Do they have established partnerships with multiple enterprise customers?

"I absolutely love working with this team! The Skillable team has been deploying hands-on labs at our annual events for years, and they turned on a dime to support us as we moved exclusively into a virtual world. I can always count on them to be extremely methodical in their planning, leaving no stone unturned. I appreciate them so much and look forward to delivering in-person with Skillable again soon!
Enterprise Client
Director of Marketing

Skilling is the future of training.

The talented team at Skillable can help you evolve beyond “show and tell” to interactive, hands-on sessions at your events.

Tried and Trusted.

We’re not new to bringing a hands-on element to marketing and events of any size. Just ask the leading tech and training companies who rely on us to deliver high-quality experiences.