Sales enablement.

Achieve continuous sales readiness with scored, hands-on labs that are made to reuse and refine.

Drive revenue and adoption.

When your software changes, your sales team and partners need to know quickly what changed and why it matters. Creating hands-on labs that showcase your software enhancements offer your sales team context and understanding that goes far beyond what you could achieve with internal roadshows and webinars. 

Reuse and refine.

Skillable enables you to not only easily create scored hands-on labs but to also re-use them in different contexts by simply updating the scenarios for different audiences while keeping the base lab environment (which contains your pre-configured software). This allows you to use labs throughout your customers’ journey, not just for post-sale support, but now also for pre-sales support for your sales team.

Labs are also easy to update so that you can refine your sales scenarios based on ongoing feedback from your sales team on what it is effective and resonating with potential customers.

The Skillable approach to sales enablement.

For your sales team, a different set of skills is required for your software. Not in-depth skills on how to use your software effectively (this is what your customers need), but which features and functionality to highlight along with keeping up to date on recent software changes.

Another powerful benefit is that your hands-on labs can be enabled for scoring, allowing you to not only skill-up your sales team but to also validate that they are ready to go in front of potential customers. This ensures a consistent, verified level of knowledge across your sales team.

Because time spent on skilling is literally time taken away from selling (revenue), the fact that sales enablement labs can be short in terms of time but still highly effective because they are learning by doing really motivates sales teams to keep their skills up to date. They can jump in and out as needed!

The ability to reuse and refine your scored hands-on labs for ongoing sales readiness is a powerful accelerator to your sales team’s productivity and success while driving revenue.

Partnering with Skillable helps you measure the impact of your sales readiness in a way that no other solution can.

Skillable can help you create Challenge Labs as an extension to your sales enablement tools. 

The challenge-centric methodology can be applied to your software, enabling you to create custom-tailored Challenge Labs to assess your learners’ skills development and mastery.

Man practicing skills in a virtual lab

Create ongoing readiness with Skillable.

Management and reportingBuilding and deliveringScaling and flexibility

  • What kind of usage data can they produce – and is it accessible via API for use with business intelligence and analytics software?

  • Can they demo a good lab reporting experience on a third-party LMS?

  • Is there support for all the environments you need (cloud environments, virtual machines, containers, coding, data science, etc.)?

  • Can their platform automatically score a lab based on the results produced by the learner?

  • Can you self-publish labs you create or must you lean on the partner’s publishing processes?

  • Do they have expertise in instructional design and specifically, challenge-centric learning?

  • Have they delivered labs reliably to every global region you plan to serve?

  • Do they have built-in processes that protect you from potential cloud over-billing or security holes?

  • Can they ensure a consistent user experience for all learners?

  • Do they have proven expertise implementing and maintaining LTI integrations?
  • Do they have teams that know how to write good assessments such as multiple choice and performance testing?

  • Do they have the engineering expertise to build out highly secure, highly custom and highly available environments?

"Very easy to use. Powerful capabilities to create labs including using existing templates, leveraging code labs and cloud-based labs, creating engaging content and assessments. The support team is very responsive and the look and feel of the labs are great. They are innovators and are constantly adding new features."

Skilling is the future of training.

The talented team at Skillable can help you create a sales enablement solution that will help you drive revenue and adoption.

Tried and Trusted.

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