Skillable for Your Employees

Build job-ready employees fueled by performance-based validation with hands-on skill development, safe application environments and informed skill data.

Our solution

Our award-winning platform enables you to develop skills that are tailored to your environment.

The work we must perform to succeed is evolving as fast as the skills and technologies that are needed to do the work.  

Off-the-shelf catalogs and knowledge-based learning introduce concepts but offer little skill application to demonstrate proficiency and are rarely tailored to your unique operating environment.

And it’s leaving employees wanting more—according to our latest research survey of IT professionals, 59% of them want training that is more relevant to their job and role.*

True job readiness requires two components:

Employees need relevant opportunities to apply their learning and knowledge in performance-driven environments that resemble on-the-job situations.

Organizations need real-time feedback, skill validation and skill intelligence that shows people have the skills to do their jobs.

Where hands-on learning
can be used across your organization.

Skillable delivers hands-on learning experiences that accelerate job readiness and skill development, resulting in job-ready, higher impact employees and evidence-based intelligence that validates skill mastery.

Skill validation and job readiness

Workforce planning

Recruiting and onboarding

Building teams

Managing performance

Coaching and mentoring

Talent mobility

Growing careers

How we help solve your talent development and skill challenges? It’s by enabling performance-driven, hands-on skill application.

Skill challenge templates

Our turnkey gallery of more than 1,200 templates (and growing!) can be used, modified or customized to help you move quickly in building or validating the skills of your people in key technical domains. Tailored-to-fit performance-based learning is here!


You have ready-to-go access to the most in-demand specialties of today, including:

Our validation capabilities provide:

Custom virtual lab environments

Training people on your own tools or software? Build custom hands-on labs (with or without our help). You can start from our templates or go completely custom.


Develop complete labs on your product, featuring:

Professional Services expertise

Need a little extra support or have resource limitations? We can help with existing projects or new initiatives.


A team of experts ready to support you in areas such as:

What do skill challenges look like?

Skill challenges provide you the best way to assess, practice and validate IT and digital skills. These outcome-based, hands-on learning experiences enable users to demonstrate and practice their skills in live, non-production environments as if they’re on the job.

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Hands-on learning is the fastest way to learn. We should know—we’ve delivered more than 35 million training labs worldwide over the last 20 years and are trusted by leading organizations, including 75% of Forbes Global 2000 Top 20 Tech Companies, who use our hands-on learning platform.

The challenge-centric “learn by doing” methodology at Skillable.

By using challenge-centric learning and applied learning principles, you accelerate skill development and job readiness by looking at behavior, performance and skill validation versus completion data and knowledge-based assessments.

Our approach boosts employee and employer skill and confidence.

Your skills. Your way. Your environment.

ALL our hands-on skill challenges:

  • Automatically score results giving you real time, performance-based evidence
  • Easily integrate into current learning paths and your LMS, LXP, CRM and BI tools
  • Tailor to your organization, people and tech stack
  • Embrace AI for relevance and speed
  • Drive deep learning, problem solving, skill application and skill reinforcement
  • Scale to your level of demand, regardless of location

Hear from other leaders.

You’re in good company.

Get job ready faster with performance-based learning.

*Data from November 2023 Skillable IT Professional Survey. Data point is from an audience of frontline contributors through managers. n=500