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Skillable for Your Software and Customers

Enhance your training capabilities for customers, service teams, sales and more with our virtual lab platform.

Our solution

Unlike homegrown systems or the traditional simulation, our virtual labs offer scalability, flexibility and self-service.

Skillable enables you to create a user experience that’s purpose built  and designed for exactly what you want to accomplish, delivered how YOUR software is used.

Skillable is the pioneer and leading virtual labs platform for more than 20 years, already serving many of the tech giants, cyber experts and top software providers around the globe.

Skillable lab authoring and orchestration for your products: 
  • Virtual lab authoring tools create robust environments within minutes.
  • Rich management and delivery tools minimize the cost of lab maintenance and delivery.
  • Tools for automatic scoring give you real-time, performance-based evidence.
  • Scale to support millions of users around the globe.

Where hands-on learning
can be used across your organization.

Software updates move fast, but you have to be faster. Skilled users of your software means renewals and increased consumption. That means business value for you, and we've got a hands-on solution to get you there quicker. 

Software training and certification

Increase software adoption and usage by creating a skilling program that grows users into masters with performance-based validation.

Marketing and events

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, interactive hands-on labs help your attendees walk away with tangible knowledge.

Sales enablement

Achieve continuous sales readiness with scored, hands-on labs that are made to reuse and refine.

Customer support

Decrease your overall resolution time, improve customer satisfaction and halt issues from damaging your credibility with in-the-moment support.

How we help you solve training, customer and enablement challenges with custom virtual labs.

Custom virtual lab environments

Build your own hands-on skill challenges for your proprietary software, tools or processes. 

Professional Services expertise

Need a little extra support or have resource limitations? We can help with existing projects or new initiatives.

We have experts ready to help in:

What do our Virtual Labs look like?

Of all the training options available, our hands-on virtual labs are not only the fastest way but also the most effective to develop the necessary skills for your software, tools or platform. They’re also easier to maintain and keep current despite the continuous changes often accompanying software.

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The challenge-centric “learn by doing” methodology at Skillable.

You already know hands-on labs are the most effective way to develop new skills. That means you need scalable, agile and cost effective creation and delivery of labs.

With the challenge-centric approach at Skillable, learners develop skills and confidence quicker through live practice environments where they solve relevant skill tasks they need to understand to be effective with your software.  Their performance creates important  skill evidence indicating mastery or gaps.

Your technology. Your way. Your environment.

When you build labs in Skillable, you get:  

  • Self-service to build what you want at your pace
  • Ease of scalability to meet varying levels of demand, regardless of location
  • Quicker production time with simplified reuse for new audiences
  • Built-in processes that protect from cloud over-billing and security vulnerabilities
  • Well-documented APIs and LTI capabilities
  • Anywhere, anytime access with web-based delivery—no software installation
  • Lower maintenance costs by using real software environments 


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Accelerate product adoption with performance-based learning.

*2023 Skillable IT Professional Survey. n=1,000