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The Missing Piece to Closing the IT Skill Gap


  • Title: The Missing Piece to Closing the IT Skill Gap 
  • You Should Listen if: 
    • You’re worried about the impact of the IT skills shortage 
    • You’ve been considering adding hands-on learning into your broader HCM ecosystem 
    • You are wondering about the validity of IT-focused skills 
    • You want to help your team build and validate mastery of certain skills 

In more detail…

By 2025, more than 90% of worldwide organizations will experience the negative impacts of the IT skills crisis, costing $6.5 trillion in product delays, reduced customer satisfaction, loss of competitiveness, and missed revenue goals.

But IT workers are different than most. They are experts in their field, so how do you design skill programs for mastery? To get there, IT leaders must focus training on the skills workers need to do their jobs which means hyper relevant and useful to employees and their career paths. It also means validating mastery quickly versus general upskilling.

Listen in to this engaging discussion with Gina Smith, Research Director, IT Skills for Digital Business of IDC, and Skillable’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Frank Gartland as they discuss the value of experiential, hands-on training for enterprises to engage, skill and retain the best employees for the right roles.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to fill the high cost of the IT skills gap with experiential learning 
  • Framework for choosing the right training solutions for your organization 
  • How to shift from completion metrics to skills validation

After listening to this session, you will have a better understanding of the value of experiential, hands-on training and how to validate skill mastery, not just track completions and learning hours. 


Gina Smith

Research Director, IT Skills for Digital Business,

Frank Gartland

Chief Product & Technology Officer,