The Role of Experiential Learning in Filling the IT Skills Gap [Free IDC Spotlight]

As organizations race to digitally transform themselves, getting the right people with the right skills into the right roles has become more challenging than ever. The continued acceleration of technological change coupled with a continuing IT skills shortage and remote hybrid work realities presents tough training and reskilling challenges.

That is why experiential, hands-on training is so valuable to enterprises. This spotlight paper examines experiential learning and the benefits enterprises may derive from it right now.

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Upskill smarter, not harder.


  • The high cost of the IT skills shortage
  • Filling the IT skills gap with experiential learning
  • Considering the right solutions for your organization
The process of hiring, attracting and retaining the right people with the right skills and in the right roles has never been so tough.

Experiential, hands-on learning can make all the difference.

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