Three Tips for Lab Developers, from a Lab Developer!

Charles Carter, a Lab Developer recently recognized for publishing 500 labs with Skillable, has three tips to share with fellow Lab Developers from lessons he learned (sometimes) the hard way!

#1 – Use master versions

If you have a Virtual Machine (VM) that has an operating system (OS) you want to use in multiple places, put everything you need on that OS on that one VM and use that in as many labs as you can. Then when you have to do updates, you only have to do it in one spot. 

The same is true for making Parent profiles and then making Child profiles off the Parent so you only have to edit the Parent instead of going to multiple places to make the changes.

Resource: Learn more about Lab Inheritance in our Documentation Center

#2 – Be intentional with your saves

Try not to save Differencing Disks too often in your VMs.

Be more intentional about changes you’re saving to the VM and when as less Differencing Disks means you have shorter load times and less launch and boot errors when launching the lab. 

Resource: Learn more about Differencing Disks and their best practices in our Documentation Center

#3 – Use the Template Gallery

Take advantage of the Skillable Template Gallery if you’re looking for a blank OS or a certain server that already has apps installed. 

Skillable has a good catalog of images you can use to help you get your lab spun up quickly with minimal issues. 

Resource: Learn more about the Template Gallery

Watch the video below to watch the live interview with Charles where he shares these tips and a bit more!
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