The event's over, but the skilling starts now.

Skillable was proud to sponsor Triangle InfoSeCon 2022!

Thank you to those who stopped by our booth with questions and genuine curiosity about our hands-on skilling solutions. 

Mary Fisher, Zane Schweer and Cory Gibson at Triangle InfoSeCon 2022.

Skillable enables you to “learn while doing” - something IT professionals have always preferred.

Skillable partnered with Triangle InfoSeCon to provide Challenge Labs so attendees could test their security and cloud skills in short duration, scenario-based activities.

The event is over, but the skilling starts now! 

Our Challenge Labs library can be used throughout your learners’ skilling journeys, giving your learners additional skills to help them use your software effectively. 

As your learner completes scenarios, the Skillable platform checks their live lab environment to see if the scenario was completed correctly. As learners prove mastery, the next Challenge Lab in the series increases in complexity so that the learner is continually challenged.

Watch the video at right to see what Jason, a Triangle InfoSeCon attendee, had to say about his first Challenge Lab experience, including who would benefit from taking a Challenge Lab as part of their skilling journey! 

Best Practices for Using Challenge Labs.

Since 2020, nearly 2 million learners have completed 25 million hours of training with Challenge Labs.

More than 1,000 labs across a variety of topics and technologies, such as Cybersecurity, AWS, Azure, IT Operations, Programming and Data Science, are available now for your learners with more to come!

Wondering how Challenge Labs might fit into your learners’ skilling journeys? Here are three popular use cases: 

complement learning plans

Upgrade your existing learning journeys with scored hands-on experiences that validate your learners' mastery of relevant skills.

extend vendor labs

Increase the value of ready-built vendor labs
by putting your learners into the real-world environments they're already studying.

exam preparation

Assign your learners the expert level Challenge Labs as a practice test that mirrors the actual certification exam.

Ready to stop training and start skilling?

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