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Cloud Slice for Azure with Skillable
Thursday, June 30
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Join us on June 30, 2022, for our next workshop and platform update.

Skillable hosts monthly Lab Developer Workshops focused on providing our Lab Developers with best practices that help them enhance their platform skills and capabilities.

The June 2022 Lab Developer Workshop will feature 30-60 minutes focused on newly released features on the Skillable platform and then the last two hours of the workshop will focus on Cloud Slice for Azure.   

This workshop will continue the Skillable “Summer of Cloud” and build on from the April Lab Developer Workshop, Introduction to Cloud Labs. The Azure Cloud Slice Deep Dive Lab Developer Workshop will put full focus on building Azure based labs. This workshop will discuss all the settings within a Lab Profile for creating Azure based labs with particular attention on building Resource Templates and Securing the provision of the Azure lab with just the correct amount to access to ensure your users have the access they need while controlling the Azure subscriptions costs.

Skillable’s “Summer of Cloud” series for June, July and August will each focus on a different cloud topic:  

June – Cloud Slice for Azure 
July – Cloud Slice for AWS 
August – Using Azure or AWS as Virtualization Fabric  

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