A Tip for World Backup Day

March 31 marks World Backup Day as a time to pause and take steps to prevent data loss.

You work hard to create meaningful labs on our platform and loss of data can be devastating. That’s why we asked our Customer Success Managers to share a tip in commemoration with the holiday.

Paul Gregory, Sr. Customer Success Manager, shares this key piece of advice, “Skillable protects customers’ virtual disks for them, but we also provide an export tool they can use to create a backup of their Lab Profile configurations and instructions. If a customer ever needs to roll back to a previous version or they accidentally delete a lab profile, it can be recovered by importing the lab profile metadata.”

Image highlights where you can backup and recover data in the Skillable platform.

Protecting your data can be simple. Avoid a costly mistake by taking a moment to refresh your backup routines and implement them today.

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