On-demand: How Microsoft has embraced interactive learning and skill validation

Microsoft has long been a believer in the importance of practice, demonstrating and credentialing – they have had a performance-based learning element as part of their live events for more than 10 years! In another trailblazing moment, they shook up the skill validation world when they announced their new Applied Skills program last November, a radical new type of skills-based credential that uses interactive scored labs to validate IT skills.

Listen in for key insights into how they have brought experiential learning into the training industry, as well as the exclusive backstory on Applied Skills from a leader behind their exam and credentialing innovation, Microsoft’s Director of Psychometrics, Liberty Munson.

The conversation between Liberty and Sarah Danzl, CMO at Skillable, highlights: 

  • How Microsoft is bringing interactive experiences into the learning and assessment process
  • Why they believe immersive learning is so important
  • How a pivot to a skills first validation strategy led to expanding their credentialing program to introduce Applied Skills

Don’t miss this session if you are looking at skill validation and assessment, experiential learning and industry best-practices from one of the biggest innovators in the world.

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Meet your presenters.

Picture of Liberty Munson <br>Director of Psychometrics, Microsoft

Liberty Munson
Director of Psychometrics, Microsoft

Liberty Munson, PhD, is the Principal Psychometrician for Microsoft technical certification program. She is responsible for ensuring that psychometric standards are rigorously applied during all phases of the certification exam lifecycle and that the design and implementation of Microsoft’s Certification program results in valid and reliable assessments of candidate skills. She received her MS and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Picture of Sarah Danzl<br>Chief Marketing Officer, Skillable

Sarah Danzl
Chief Marketing Officer, Skillable

Sarah Danzl serves as Chief Marketing Officer, focused on the global marketing and go-to-market strategies for Skillable.

Most recently, Sarah was Communications Officer and Vice President of Customer Marketing at Degreed. She has been actively involved in the learning space for 15 years, leading marketing and communications efforts in both corporate and startup capacities, especially thriving in high-growth SaaS environments.

When Sarah is not developing new content, she can be found experimenting with new recipes, getting involved in a local nonprofit or walking her two pitbulls at the base of the Rockies in Boulder, CO.

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