Create hands-on experiences that
connect learning to work.

Prove skill development, drive job readiness and get meaningful skill intelligence with tailored-to-fit hands-on learning and skill validation.

The solution

Performance-based skill building is needed more than ever.

Ninety percent of training programs can’t demonstrate skill proficiency.1 Yet Statista research reported a global L&D market size of $363 billion spent on training.

It’s clear, money and content alone can’t build skills.

Skill-based models require accuracy, not inference. And people want learning that’s personalized and tied to proficiency, not stagnant and generic. So, what’s a more effective path forward?

That’s using performance to validate capability. That’s high touch and high scale.

That’s Skillable.

Today's rate of change is making unvalidated skills a business risk.

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of ransomware attacks are due to misconfigurations.2

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of global organizations report talent shortages prevented them from expanding.3

$ 0 M

Average cost of a single data breach for organizations with more than 10k employees.4

$ 0 T
Estimated yearly losses organizations face globally due to fraud, errors and other financial mistakes.5

Skillable delivers hands-on learning experiences that help you develop and validate technical and digital skills for your employees, customers and partners. 

Here’s how we solve YOUR skill data and hands-on learning challenges.

Skillable for Your Employees

Ensure employees build job-relevant skills with hands-on practice and validation while generating trusted skill data.

Use cases include:

Skillable for Your Customers

Accelerate customer time to value with custom hands-on skill challenges and training labs for your proprietary software or tools.

Use cases include:

Skillable for Partners

Partner with Skillable to drive recurring revenue and speed to market by leveraging our world-class capabilities to deliver hands-on learning at scale.

Use cases include:

Leading companies that rely on Skillable.

Here's how Skillable can help you put experiential learning and skill validation into practice.

Less completion trophies, more skill mastery. Create a  performance-based program built on evidence and real-world experiences that accelerates job readiness.