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The Skillable team is made up of individuals who are both exceptional at what they do and who they are. If you want the opportunity to do good work, deliver results and be surrounded by passionate co-workers, consider a career with Skillable.

Below are a few testimonials from team members in a variety of departments, sharing what they enjoy about Skillable.

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Ashley Neace

Director, Portfolio Management and NC State super fan

My favorite thing – hands down – is the people. The work ethic is amazing, the overall intelligence of the team that we get to work with, the almost immediate bond that takes place and knowing that we can count on each other no matter what the circumstances.

Ben Matison

Customer Success Manager and loves Iron Maiden

I’ve never experienced the culture that we have here anywhere else I’ve worked. I like waking up in the morning and saying I want to go to work because I want to be with these folks that are so smart, so talented and are going to make us all successful today.

Victor Torres

Technical Project Manager and Jiu Jitsu martial artist

I’ve been in the IT industry for a long time. There’s no other company like this one. I attribute that to the great people as we have some exceptional individuals who work here. And of course, the freedom that I have to work at home.

Dillon Reese

Senior Technical Writer and drone pilot

I love everybody that I work with. I have the best co-workers that anybody could ask for. I like working from home and being free from office distractions.

Katie O’Zey

Director, Content Services and watches The Office on repeat

There’s a lot of opportunity here and there’s a lot of encouragement to take advantage of that. I think that’s really great. That’s something that I want in a place that I want to stay at for a long while.

Rod Oatis

Lab Developer and former paratrooper

People always say if you need anything reach out to me and then when you do call them, it’s like you’re intruding on their space. But I’ve never experienced that here. People really value knowledge, but it’s almost more the sharing of that knowledge to make a better machine. That’s an oddity. That camaraderie, and to me, it just can’t be beat. 

Breagan Craig

Cloud NOC Engineer & Avid 3D Printing Enthusiast

Working at Skillable is not just another “job”. Rather, it is a workplace with humility, empathy and other like-minded individuals who all want the same thing – for others to succeed to the best of their ability. Not only do they treat everyone with respect, but everyone is treated as such, no one person is above others as we all work to provide a subset of common goals. 

Martha Bussard

Senior Instructional Designer and Music Collector 

I really, really love the people. It’s such a great and diverse group of folks. Everyone is just so willing to roll up their sleeves and jump in when you need to figure something out. I also really enjoy the work that I do.  

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