Lab Developer Recognition Program.

In 2023, eight million labs were launched by more than 1.25 million learners on Skillable’s platforms.

Lab Developers make hands-on learning possible with their skillfully created labs and we are glad to have your talents creating labs with Skillable!

We’ve created the Lab Developer Recognition Program to thank you for your commitment to hands-on learning and award you for the work you do with Skillable.


It is our hope that you are as excited to share badges with your personal and professional communities as we are to share them with you!

When you reach a milestone, you will receive a congratulatory email from Credly with a link to redeem your badge.

If it’s a “special gift” milestone, you’ll receive an email from Skillable and your gift via mail.

"Labs published" milestones.

First Lab 

Credly Badge recognizing your first lab with Skillable.

10 & 25

Credly Badge for each milestone.

50, 75, 100 & 250

Credly Badge for each milestone plus a special gift.

500, 750 & 1K

Credly Badge for each milestone, special gifts, plus social media recognition.

Hear from a fellow lab developer.

Charles Carter, a Cyber Content Engineer for ComTech Communications, published his 500th lab with Skillable! To celebrate that achievement, we sat down with Charles to learn more about the labs he’s publishing and hear the advice he has for new lab developers.

Watch Charles’ video below. 

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