Jenny Davis

Vice President of Marketing

Jenny Davis is the Vice President of Marketing for Skillable and has more than 20 years of communications, publishing and event management experience. Jenny has worked for very large companies, has owned a very small one and has provided project management for a variety of industries.

In her role, Jenny is responsible for overseeing marketing, communications and customer recognition programs for the company, most notably a badging program that has resulted in 36,000 badges issued to Lab Developers, Operations Managers and Instructors who work on and with our platforms to deliver hands-on skilling to unlock the potential of their teams.

Prior to joining Skillable, Jenny worked with a variety of Microsoft teams to project manage their conference involvement, partner programs and executive retreats, specializing in creating unique and memorable experiences. Jenny also owned and served as Managing Editor for The Partner Channel, Inc., which produced a magazine and annual events for the Microsoft Dynamics partner community and four magazines for the Dynamics User Group community, reaching 25,000 subscribers each quarter.

Jenny lives in North Dakota with her husband and five children. She enjoys spending time at her children’s activities, gardening, playing the violin, practicing ballet and hanging out at the family’s lake cabin.

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