The Backbone of Skillable’s Full Stack Platform

Our scalable production environment has supported 35 million lab launches, with an average of 20,000 launches daily. We’re also scaled to support more than 40,000 concurrent users so we can handle anything you want to create, from global skilling programs to massive software releases.

We also offer extensive reporting and analytics capabilities to help you harness your new-found data as well as an integrated LMS platform if you need assistance with managing all your skilling plans.

All of this is supported by four datacenters around the world and 24-hour Network Operations and Support teams.

Datacenter locations

Skillable’s newest datacenter, US East in Ashburn, VA, replaced the previous datacenter location in Tampa, FL, in October 2022. Prior to that, APAC Southeast in Singapore was added on January 20, 2022.

This additional datacenter and increased RAM capacity throughout our datacenter footprint support continued demand on our platform and enhance the lab experience for learners throughout the world as our automatic geo-location finds the datacenter closest to them.

US EastAshburn, VA
US WestSeattle, WA
EU NorthLondon, UK
APAC SoutheastSingapore


Skillable’s Network Operations team maintains 24/7 system health status online at

The site features current status on all Skillable platforms, cloud resources, datacenters and external services, as well as the opportunity to subscribe for an alert when system health changes.

Our system health site also includes a schedule for upcoming maintenance events and incident history reporting. 

Skillable also offers an immediate speed test on our website, which helps to pinpoint any issues that might be impacting lab performance.