Skillable is LTI Advantage Complete Certified.

Implemented by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the IMS Security Framework and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Advantage set of services improves on earlier LTI builds to bring a more versatile and secure integration model to the marketplace. Skillable and LTI 1.3 compliant partners will now be able to share a much richer set data thanks to the LTI Core, Assignment and Grade Services, Names and Role Services and Deep Linking specifications outlined by IMS Global. 

IMS Global LTI certified

Here’s a primer on the specifications and how they benefit Skillable users.

LTI Core
LTI Core allows Learning Management Systems (LMS) or platforms to integrate Skillable Studio tools and content in a standard way. LTI Core provides the foundation for which the Advantage set of services operates. For more information on Skillable LTI 1.3 Core integration, click here.

Deep Linking v2.0
Deep Linking allows us to more easily integrate content gathered from an external tool. With this compliance, a user with an instructor (or higher) role can request a list of what their apiConsumer ID can access. Skillable Studio then presents a list of available lab series that the user can choose from to build their course.

For example, course designers can launch Skillable Studio and select the lab profiles that are appropriate for a particular course and receive LTI links that can be used by a student, which when launching, will go directly to specified modules rather than a general landing or table of contents page.

One notable advantage of Deep Linking is that it eliminates the back and forth communication and list of lab IDs that a course designer has to map to a course during buildout.

Assignment and Grade Services v2.0
With Assignment and Grade Services v2.0, we now support a service that can pass both exam and activity-based scoring data between LTI 1.3 compliant partners and Skillable. This specification enables scoring capabilities that are markedly more flexible for exam creation and delivery and allows organizations to sync grades, progress and comments from multiple sources in our platform.

Names and Role Provisioning Services v2.0
Skillable has implemented the Names and Role Provisioning Services v2.0 which provides access to a list of users and their roles within the context of a course, program or grouping. This service makes it possible for Skillable to securely identify requesting users and their roles to implement appropriate user rights. This service also provides the ability to securely share other data sets such as course enrollment and accurate course completion information.